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"The German Riding Pony is a breed type that is recognised as a GRP once it has been assessed by the breed associations in Germany as fulfilling the breed standards"


For an overview of the breeding system in Germany visit our licensing and performance testing page

German Riding Ponies Australia now has an extensive pedigree database listing imported German Riding Ponies and other European bred Sports and Dressage Ponies, including progeny bred in Australia.

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It was very sad to hear of the passing of the great GRP stallion Dornik B at 29 years of age.

Dornik B was very much line bred with both Derby (x PrH Dandy) and Valentino (x Bwlch Valentino) appearing multiple times in his pedigree. Born in 1991 and bred by Gestut Boenniger, he won successive Gold Medals at the Bundeschampionate as a 3 yo, 4 yo, 5 yo & 6 yo.

At the European Pony Championships Dornik B won 4 Individual Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze as well as 8 Team Gold for Germany with his son Deinhard B winning 4 Individual Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze and 6 Team Gold Medals and son Danilo also winning 2 Individual Gold, 3 Silver, 4 Bronze and 5 Team Gold. He also has multiple grand sons and daughters who have medalled at the Europeans.

He took many junior riders onto successful careers and out of 255 competitions over his career, recorded no less than 211 Top 3 placings.

Leaving behind a huge legacy, he was ranked 3rd for pony sires with the FN in 2019 out of over 1,000 sires. Since 2008 Dornik B was never out of the Top 4 ranked pony stallions. He had 39 licensed sons with 34 in Stud Book 1 and 44 State Premium daughters and a total of 369 registered sport descendants.

He appeared at the 2013 Bundeschampionate as part of a display of legendary dressage pony stallions.

Ponyforum Champions League  -  a new series for 3 yo to 6 yo Young Dressage Ponies.


Ponies can start in any event run by the German Equestrian Federation (FN) in the period from 25/4/2019 to 9/9/19 with placings of the registered participants collected and added in a points system.


Unique to the Ponyforum Champions League is that other pony breeds may compete.


Ponyforum want to set an example with the Champions League as in recent years pony sport has not evolved in many areas with the changing requirements of riders, be they adolescents or adults, rarely considered.


The Ponyforum over 16 yo Cup was a start to breaking the dogma that ponies are only for riders up to 16 yo.  The Ponyforum Champions League is the logical evolution of this concept.  At the heart of this new series are ponies of all sizes, presented by both young and adult riders.


The final of the Ponyforum Champions League will include the most successful ponies of their age group including the National Champions and Vice Champions of the individual breed associations as well as finalists from the Bundeschampionate.


The finals of both the Ponyforum Champions League and the Ponyforum over 16 yo Cup will both take place on 12th and 13th October in Alsfeld.

Results of Ponyforum Champions League

Results of Ponyforum over 16 yo Cup

Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) - The mutation is found in Arabians and related breeds. Beginning January 2019, all active riding pony stallions in Germany must be tested to be approved for breeding.

Deutsches Reitpony and Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd
From the breeding year 2019 all stallions registered or entered in Hengstbuch I or Hengstbuch II will be examined for cerebellar abiotrophy (CA) with the help of genetic testing. The respective breeding association will document the result of the genetic test in the zootechnical certificate and in the database. The results will be published on the FN website. The result does not affect the registration of the ponies. If both parent animals are proven to be free of the gene for cerebellar abiotrophy, the obligation to investigate is eliminated.

The test results available to FN are published on this website under the annexes. The information has been transmitted by the breed societies to the FN. If you have any questions, please ask the responsible breeding association. (scroll to bottom of page) -…/…/gentests…

NB : Dynamik Stallions have tested Top Der Da, Golden Rock, Trussardi D, Numerus Clausus and Golden West NRW and all results are negative (n.n.) for CA. 

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