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The GRP pedigree database

German Riding Ponies Australia now has an extensive pedigree database* listing imported German Riding Ponies and other European bred 

Sports/Dressage Ponies, including progeny bred in Australia.

The pedigree database has been created for all German Riding Pony and other European bred Sport/Dressage Pony breeders, owners and enthusiasts and to record the history of these ponies in Australia.

Pedigrees have been collated using a variety of online stud books, web sites and even the old printed variety of stud book, to bring to breeders and owners a ONE stop shop to look up a pedigree.

If you own or have bred progeny from an imported stallion and would like your horse or pony to be included, please complete the online application form or contact German Riding Ponies Australia

Where a pedigree is not listed in full, or a date of birth, colour etc is missing, or you believe the information may be incorrect for the horse or pony, please feel free to email. This database is still very much a work in progress and pedigrees are frequently being extended and updated. 


  • Where known, the percentage of GRP blood has been included.  This information has been sourced from the official FN (German Equestrian Association) online database.

  • The Sport Name (as per the FN) of a pony/horses has been included in some cases if that animals name is the same as, or is very similar to another animal.

  • A number of Australian bred progeny have been recorded with an alternative name in brackets due to a different name registered with EA (Equestrian Australia) or another stud book.

  • A number in brackets following a name means that there is more than one animal with that name.

  • HLP scores or year of licensing have been included (sourced from FN) for current stallions. 

  • Where a Thoroughbred is recorded in the ASB (Australian Stud Book), the ASB number has been used for ease of further research.

  • Verb.Pr.St. (Verband Premium Mare), St.Pr.St. (State Premium Mare), El.St. (Elite Mare), Pr.H (Premium Stallion)  -  refer to the Licensing page to learn more about titles and stallion licensing and performance testing (HLP) scores.

Understanding Search Results:

  1. [Pedigree] shows the 'Ancestors' (Grandparents, Great-Grandparents etc) of the particular animal you search for.  The animal's parents are in the left column (sire above dam), then each of their parents and so-on, extending 5 generations to the right.  Any repeating 'Ancestors' are shown in matching colours.

  2. [Vertical Pedigree] also shows 'Ancestors' etc as in [Pedigree]. It also shows 'Siblings' (brothers and sisters) of each 'Ancestor' 

  3. [Siblings] shows the 'Sire' and 'Dam' (parents) of the particular animal you search for.  It then shows any immediate brothers and sisters ('Full Siblings').  It also shows any Siblings via the animal's parents  

  4. [Offspring] shows the 'Sire' and 'Dam' (parents) of the particular animal you search for.  It then shows any offspring the animal has had.

  5. [Reverse Pedigree] shows all the Offspring in the left column, of the particular animal you search for. It then shows all of their individual Offspring, extending 5 generations to the right.

Advanced Search :


Specific designators to allow an advanced search in the GRP pedigree database have now been uploaded.  The designators are listed in the registration number field on the database.


To perform an advanced search on any of the below ‘designators’, change the drop down list in Field to RegNo then type in the initials from the legend below in Search Pattern. Click Search.


Legend :

  • GRPA - Australian bred GRP or GRP cross—1,160 listed to date

  • GRPImp - Imported GRP (includes iiu) - 60 listed to date

  • GRPxImp - Imported GRP cross (includes iiu) - 10 listed to date

  • OTRImp - Imported European Sports Pony (eg: Dutch Welsh Riding Pony) - 7 listed to date

  • OTRx - European Sports Pony cross (eg: Dutch Welsh Riding Pony cross) - 144 listed to date


Please email  German Riding Ponies  Australia to update any information or complete the form below.

* the GRP pedigree database is not a stud book and does not provide proof of pedigree. There are no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the data published in this database. 

Credits :

GRP Pedigree database sponsored by

Dynamik Stallions

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Reports adapted for GRP Australia by

Peter Schmelitschek

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Pedigree software system and database reports

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German Riding Ponies


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