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FEI European Pony Championships - Eventing

Eventing at the FEI European Pony Championships is governed by the FEI Eventing Rules with the age groups (12-16 yrs) for riders and minimum of 6 yrs for ponies. There are two levels for ponies competing internationally at pony events with the Championships held at CCIP2 star level.


The maximum height of a fixed obstacle for cross country is 1.25 metres for a brush obstacle and 1.05 metres for fixed.  The top spread may not exceed 1.30 metres with the base spread not to exceed 1.90 metres.  The drop on the landing side of an obstacle may never exceed 1.45 metres. The number of obstacles required for the Championship course is 25 efforts with a maximum of 30.  The minimum distance for the course is 2700 metres and may not exceed 3700 metres with the speed per minute set at a minimum of 500 metres/min and a maximum of 520 metres/min.

 FEI European Pony Championships Eventing Videos 

2021 FEI European Pony Championships Strzegom (Poland)

2019 FEI European Pony Championships Strzegom (Poland)

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SF Detroit (GB)  - Individual Eventing Gold and Team Silver

2017 FEI European Pony Championships Kaposvar (Hun)

Cross Country Highlights from the 2014 FEI European Pony Championships

Bishop Burton (UK)

Cross Country Highlights from the 2013 FEI European Pony Championships

Arezzo (Italy)

Askaban B - 2003 chestnut gelding

Weser Ems registered, Askaban B's sire is the Oldenburger stallion Anton B who is by Argentinus.  Anton B is out of a GRP mare who goes back to the very famous Thoroughbred stallion, Der Löwe.


The dam of Askaban B is by the GRP stallion Freddy who is by the Welsh B stallion Twylands Firecracker and out of Welsh bloodlines.


Askaban B achievements at CCIP** level include Individual Bronze at the 2013 European Championships.


Mr Hale Bob - 1997 Brown stallion

Westfalen Licensed (Performance Results) Mr Hale Bob is by the GRP stallion Magnum who is by the Welsh Section D stallion, Balthsar (x Hewid Cardi).


His dam is by the Shagya Arab * Bajar (x Suakim) and out of a Welsh mare


In 2014, Mr Hale Bob ranked as the Number 1 sire in the number of offspring competing in Eventing.


He was the Gold Medal winner of Versatility Stallions at the 2002 Bundeschampionate and won Individual and Team Gold in jumping at the 2008 European Pony Championships as well as Individual Bronze and Team Silver in 2007.

(* The Shagya Arabian, an accepted breed in German Riding Pony Stud Books was developed in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the 19th century at the Bábolna, Mezőhegyes, Radautz, Piber, and Topolcianky studs.  The breed is considered by some to be a subtype of Arabian horse, but due to the presence of a small amount of non-Arabian breeding others consider it to be an Anglo-Arabian or a partbred Arabian.


Andy 113 - 1995 brown gelding

Registered Weser Ems, the sire of Andy is Amarilly's Sensation who is by the Welsh stallion Downland Folklore.


Andy's dam is by the GRP stallion Bowler Hat who is by Bolero.  Bolero is by the Welsh Section D stallion Balthasar (x Hewid Cardi).  


In his career, Andy had 14 wins at A Level (0.95 cm) and 9 wins at L Level (1.15m). He also won Individual and Team Gold at the 2010 European Pony Championships, Team Gold in 2009 and Individual and Team Silver in 2007.


Desperado 142 - 1990 Grey gelding

Registered Rheinland, his sire is Derbino (x Derby). 


Desperado's dam is also by the Shagya Arab Bajar (x Suakim) and out of a Welsh mare.


He won Individual Gold and Team Silver at the 2005 Euros as well as Individual Bronze and Team Gold in 2004.


Vilano 2 - 1990 chestnut gelding

Hannover Pony registered, hsi sire is Vilas by Valentino (x Bwlch Valentino). Vilas out of a mare by Eckley.


Desperado's dam is by Durant (x Diamant II). 


He won Individual and Team Gold at the 2004 European Pony Championships and Individual Silver and Team Gold in 2003.

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